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The 10 Fittest Movies of All Time

MF's roundup of the best-ever cinematic expressions of muscle, endurance, and guts

While training with the film's real-life subject, Jake LaMotta, De Niro so impressed the former middleweight champ that he was convinced the actor could have had a successful pro boxing career.


Brad Pitt never had trouble winning over the ladies, but to most guys, he was still a skinny pretty boy—until Fight Club. As anarchist Tyler Durden, he inspired men everywhere to start crunching.


The film's CGI-backbone doesn't tarnish the exceptional shape the actors (like Gerard Butler, above) achieved to play a fearless Spartan army. After training for three months, the cast had to complete a 300-rep fitness test, including pull-ups, deadlifts, and pushups.

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In First Blood, he was trained to eat things "that would make a billy goat puke." In Rambo: First Blood Part II, he had to "become war." Sylvester Stallone returned in 2008 with Rambo, proving that muscle (even in lieu of a plot) can still sell movie tickets.



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