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The 10 Fittest Movies of All Time

MF's roundup of the best-ever cinematic expressions of muscle, endurance, and guts.


It's got loads of former and current NFL players, like Terrell Owens, Jim Brown, and Warren Moon, plus MF cover guy Jaime Foxx's MET-Rx ad and solid gridiron action. Add Al Pacino's famous "inches" speech, and you're ready to run through a wall.

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The documentary that brought bodybuilding and its Austrian poster boy into the mainstream. With vintage footage of Gold's gym and the brutal workouts that forged champion bodies, Pumping Iron is a must-see for any musclehead.

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As inspiring as the story itself is Sylvester Stallone's dedication to showing up with the best possible body for each film. He ate raw eggs, did one-armed pushups, and boxed thousands of rounds. The training montages are legendary, the other actors were jacked, too, and the theme music is a staple of workout playlists everywhere. Rocky set a new standard for movie-star muscle.

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Before there was MMA, there was Bloodsport. The film that made Jean-Claude Van Damme a household name still inspires pushups during commercials and drunken backyard kumites.

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In the most famous of Bruce Lee's badly dubbed kung fu movies, the martial arts legend reveals one of the best physiques in the history of film—as well as awesome techniques to match.

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This is the movie that kicked off the "sword and sandal" epics of the '50s and '60s, in which musclemen were being drafted by the dozen to play Greek and Roman heroes. Steve Reeves, the 1950 Mr. Universe, ushered in a new era of muscle on film. Sylvester Stallone and a generation of bodybuilders cite this 1950s film as an influence on their decisions to pump up.



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