10 Must-See Summer Music Festivals

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10 Must-See Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festivals across the nation to keep you entertained in 2014.

Coachella. Lollapalooza. Warped Tour.

Pretty much every single summer music festival listicle you read this year will make mention of them. And this one is no exception.

But the difference between Men’s Fitness’ list and all the others is that that’ll be the last time you hear about them. Been there, done that.

Look at this list as an introduction to the 10 music festivals of the future. It should act like a crib sheet to your festival-going needs and wants. These festivals, which are all different shapes and sizes and fall over a range of months -- they are ordered from earliest to latest in the season -- will reinvent the music festival circuit for you. Some of these picks might not be as big or highly publicized as the Bonnaroos or Coachellas of the world, but that’s the point. At these festivals, you’ll have a great time hearing some of the best band’s of your generation.

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