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10 (Other) Websites to Delete From Your Browser

Cover your tracks and bury these domains in the digital dust.


We Met on a Plane may sound like a good idea initially, but seriously, what are you going to post? “Hey, I was among the 200+ people you shared a flight with last Tuesday. I didn’t have the cojones to actually speak to you in person—I’m sure you find that quality very attractive in a man. If you see this, Facebook me!” We’ll be on the next flight departing this website.


Here’s an example of the kind of advice the bros of Brotips serve up to their fellow bros: “Carry small bills. Paying for everything in 20s makes you look like a drug dealer.” We’re not about to revisit a site that wants us to feel bad for getting our cash from an ATM, and we’d rather not have our wallet be mistaken for a stripper’s.


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Guess what kind of information website How Long To Beat has on offer. (What? No! That’s disgusting!) This is a listing of the average time it takes to complete various video games. While outing yourself as a closeted Dungeons & Dragons Online player is bad enough, the URL isn’t doing your browser history any favors, either.


Type your real name into Porn Star Name Generator and the website will provide an alias for you to use in your porn career. But hold off on the business cards: We entered “Dirk Diggler” as a real name and received “Schlomo Black” as a suggestion in return. What the generator should have responded with, of course, is “Dirk Diggler,” which everybody knows is the ultimate porn star name. Deleted.

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