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10 Things That Made Us Click in 2014

Our favorite Internet sensations of the year.
10 Things That Made Us Click in 2014

We learned this year that frequent web browsing sessions during work hours actually boost productivity. The editors at Men’s Fitness took advantage of this science and spent many an afternoon clicking our way through the Internet. 

While we’ll still toast the year’s top moments as December comes to an end, we wanted to take the time to also acknowledge and celebrate the mundane – those times when we decided to cast aside out pressing projects and click on an inviting link. We present this list of our favorite Internet sensations of 2014.  

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You poured ice on your head, your mom poured ice on her head, George W. Bush poured ice on his head, and ALS raised more than $100 million because of it.

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One of the few times a selfie is acceptable? When you can get a dozen A-list celebs to photobomb it.

In 2007, Apple first allowed us to touch our phone's screen. In 2014, they allowed us to bend them. 

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The Discovery Channel tried to have one eat a human earlier this year, butt (typo intented) we much prefer this version. 

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Soccer fan or not, you had no idea a human being could do this until Robin van Persie did in the World Cup. We watched it over and over and over again.

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This may be the only reason you ever need to not go streaking.

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The Internet was invented to be an information superhighway - a place to advance the intelligence and productivity of the human race. Natually, that's why a man named Zack "Danger" Brown was able to raise $55,492 to make a potato salad

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We spent all morning re-watching Beckham's catch the day after the game. Then we spent the afternoon mining through the phenomenal memes. 

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There were plenty of weird problems during the Winter Olympics in Sochi: double-toiletted stalls, unfinished contruction, light malfuntions during the opening ceremony. The best solution? American bobsledder Johhny Quinn punching through his locked bathroom door.

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Currently the world's most famous headgear. We aren't sure why. 

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