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10 TV Shows to Watch in 2014

What you need to catch—or catch up on—in the new year.

House of Cards

2013 brought a bunch of Netflix hits, including House of Cards, a political drama that was praised by critics and even took home a few Emmys. Now it’s time for round two–all 13 episodes will be available to stream starting February 14th. Will the Underwoods be able to continue their rise to power, or will they lose everything? If you’re willing, you’ll be able to binge-watch all the episodes and find out.


Premiering January 7th on CBS, Intelligence is described as an action-adventure about Gabriel (played by Josh Holloway of Lost fame), a guy who has a super-computer microchip implanted in his brain. The chip allows him to access data centers and gain valuable information that will help keep the United States safe from attack. Obviously, this sort of intelligence opens the door for all sorts of things to go wrong, so we’re expecting some violence and crazy cliffhangers.


Scientists from the CDC are working in the arctic to contain a mysterious disease that threatens the population and transforms people into something not quite human. Call it the way-more-believable take on the zombie craze. Catch the first episode January 10th, 10/9c, on Syfy.

The Following

So much can change in a year, and you’ll be able to see just how much in season two of The Following. Jumping forward 12 whole months, bits and pieces will be revealed about the time lapse, but one thing is for sure. Ryan Hardy is still alive (despite the cliffhanger from the season one finale) and he’s still seeking revenge on Joe Carroll (who might still be alive) and his followers. A special preview will air Sunday, January 19th on FOX after the NFC Championship Game.

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