10 Ways Music Can Boost Your Well-Being

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10 Ways Music Can Boost Your Well-Being

How listening to tunes helps you find mind-body harmony.

For decades, experts have considered music a factor in improving one’s health. An often-documented example is the study by French researcher Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis involving the “Mozart effect,” in which the composer’s "Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major K. 448" was found to improve the brain’s functioning.

Although the Mozart effect has been disputed by experts, “music is very primal to all of our experience,” notes Julie Jaffee Nagel, Ph.D., author of the book Melodies of the Mind.

“You don’t have to be a professional musician to feel the power of music,” she says.

Music can make people feel centered and reduce anxiety and depression, says Shara Sand, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at LaGuardia Community College, in Long Island City, N.Y.

“I believe that music is healing because there’s something about the vibrational properties that restore a certain kind of balance,” says Sand. Here we show you 10 ways that music can boost your well-being.


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