10 Ways Music Can Boost Your Well-Being

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10 Ways Music Can Boost Your Well-Being

How listening to tunes helps you find mind-body harmony.

“It’s possible to shift or change one’s mood based on the music one listens to,” says Sand.

Don’t make too dramatic a shift in tempo from the mood you’re in, she advises. “If you’re really hyped up and want to relax, you can’t put on something twice as slow as you are because it won’t feel good,” notes Sand. 

Altering a mood using music is like tapering off drugs, she says.

But when you’re down, listening to a song called “Happy” by Pharrell Williams or the Rolling Stones should flip the switch to put you in a better state of mind. When you change your mood, the body goes through a process called entrainment, which involves matching the rhythm of music to our internal rhythm, or heartbeat.

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