The 10 Worst Places to Be Hungover

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The 10 Worst Places to Be Hungover

Sobering up couldn't come any quicker from a late-night drinking bender.

St. Patrick’s Day brings us yet another drinking holiday, on par with New Year’s Eve and the night before Thanksgiving. Problem is, there’s no hangover holiday after St. Patty’s to help you recover, so before you go to town, try to remember that it’s probably straight back to the grind tomorrow. But if you go overboard, you won’t be alone as you try to return to normal civilized life with a dry mouth, splitting headache, and spotty recollection of the last several hours. Some of you will vow to never drink again, but really, you just need to take it easier next time. Here are the places that can make your already nightmarish hangover simply unbearable:

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