The 10 Worst Places to Be Hungover

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The 10 Worst Places to Be Hungover

Sobering up couldn't come any quicker from a late-night drinking bender.

We all know that the best way to deal with a hangover is to lie perfectly still, chug water, and binge-watch reruns of Seinfeld. Waking up to your roommate or a friend’s call alluding you to the brisk 5K jog you’re about to embark on at the crack of dawn (as far as you’re concerned) is probably the exact opposite. Your friend won’t care that you thought it was tomorrow or next Saturday—you signed up and bailing is just lame. So get up, get as much water as possible (boot and rally if need be), and get down to the venue. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come when you arrive—the run will cause your headache to worsen, you’ll get unspeakably thirsty by the quarter-mile mark, and you’ll likely have to keep yourself from retching due to all the families and the good cause the 5K is raising money for. Your friend will beat you easily and laugh his ass off as you stumble across the finish line, but at least the nightmare will end (relatively) quickly.

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