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100 Tough Things Every Guy Should Tackle

What do driving stick, telling your buddy his GF isn't “the one” and dancing at a wedding have in common? They suck, but you should man up and do 'em anyway.

It's kind of funny how we willingly torture ourselves in the gym, but don't always have the guts to go after a promotion, tell our girlfriends we're sorry or say yes to bungee jumping on vacation. But that's about to change.

Our friends at AskMen have compiled a list of 100 tough things every man must do. In the stop-bitching bucket list of silly and serious to-dos, we think you'll find at least one new challenge to tackle this weekend. Here's the kind of tough-guy stuff we're talking about:

  • Learn to drive stick
  • Sing karaoke alone
  • Gut a fish
  • Ask for a raise
  • Say no to sex with an ex
  • Shotgun a beer
  • Hunt for your own meal
  • Unhook a bra with one hand
  • Finish a race that might actually kill you

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