12 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

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12 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

These stars bulked and cut (and bulked again) for the sake of their craft or their overall health.
What He Did: Improved his physique and upped his athleticism. Why He Did It: After seducing his brother's widow in Brothers, Gyllenhaal had to seriously bulk up for his role in The Prince of Persia. What He Ate: Throughout the day, Gyllenhaal noshed on six small meals rich with protein, healthy carbs and fats, and lots of water. His Workout: Every morning Gyllenhaal did a 60-minute run outdoors over hot Moroccan sand while wearing a 20 pound flak jacket to simulate the weight of armor he’d wear while shooting. Then he’d spend 30 minutes doing squat thrusts and sprints in the evening. Plus: Jake relied on Parkour style training (French movement training that involves jumping or running between buildings or other outdoor structures) to master his stunt moves, along with horseback riding. Jake Says: “When you get Parkour down, or the essential idea of Parkour, it really is an extraordinary sport because there’s an ease to it and it ends up not feeling that hard.” Difficulty Level: 8


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