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12 Most Badass Fight Scenes of the Millennium

Celebrating the first 12 years of the millennium with 12 kick-ass fight scenes.

Warrior - Tommy Knocks out Mad Dog


As mixed martial arts continues to grow in popularity, it’s fitting that Warrior was the best fighting film of 2011—possibly one of the best of all time. Main character and ex-Marine Tommy Riordan (Tom Hardy) is motivated to enter a winner-take-all MMA tournament called Sparta in hopes of giving the winnings to a widow and son of a fallen comrade. In this fight scene—one of many—we watch a seemingly inexperienced Tommy destroy his opponent, professional fighter Pete “Mad Dog” Grimes, which ultimately makes his decision to enter the tournament.
Highlight: Tommy’s final line—“You owe me 200 bucks.” Oh, and the knee to the face is pretty sweet too.
IMDB "Fact!" Tom Hardy suffered a broken toe, broken ribs, and a broken finger during fight scenes while in production.
What makes it badass: Warrior thrives on depicting realistic violence to intensify the drama, rather than distracting viewers' focus on how fake the fighting looks. Unless your name is Jon Jones, you probably don’t want to mess with Tom Hardy after watching this movie.


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