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12 Most Badass Fight Scenes of the Millennium

Celebrating the first 12 years of the millennium with 12 kick-ass fight scenes.

Inception - Spinning Gravity Fight Scene


If you only saw Inception once, it's hard to tell what the hell is really going on here—as in who’s fighting whom and why and plot-related stuff like that. But none of that's necessary to enjoy this clip. Here, a fight scene rages on in one “level” of dreaming while a van rolls on another “level.” The rolling van completely screws up gravity on the level with the hand-to-hand fight scene, forcing the characters to struggle with their surroundings as they brawl with one another.
Highlight: The one dude falling all the way down the hallway, clearly failing at this new spinning gravity thing.
IMDB "Fact!" Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed all his own stunts during the fight scene in the spinning hallway.
What makes it badass: Its originality—you wouldn’t see an action sequence like this in any other movie. (Except every action movie from now on.)


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