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12 Most Badass Fight Scenes of the Millennium

Celebrating the first 12 years of the millennium with 12 kick-ass fight scenes.

Sin City - Marv Destroys Some Crooked Cops


Marv (Mickey Rourke) might be the toughest, most brutal character ever portrayed on film. Even when he meets his demise, later on in an electric chair, he calls the cops administering the execution ‘pansies’ as blood spews out of his mouth. But here, he’s still in the flesh, escaping a serial killer’s dungeon and mowing down several crooked cops with a hatchet. 
Highlight: The demonic walk Marv takes toward the last remaining helpless cop, hatchet in hand and covered in blood.
IMDB "Fact!" Counting only blows to the head or face, Marv is struck 21 times through the course of the movie.
What makes it badass: The level of ease with which Marv disposes of the cops, who really should have used their guns if they had them.


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