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13 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

We’ve seen some of the best (and worst) ads ever aired on game day. Here are our favorites, from 1979 to 2011.

Most guys watch the Super Bowl for the game. Two teams battle through playoff rounds to reach the final in hopes of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy—they deserve our undivided attention. Definitely. But game (and buffalo wings) aside, the commercials are hands down the second best part about the Super Bowl. Truth is, scoring airtime for advertising during a Super Bowl isn’t cheap (roughly 3 million for a 30 second ad) so they have to be hilarious and memorable. If not, advertisers might as well flush their money down the toilet. In honor of 2013’s upcoming game, we’re looked back in NFL history from ’79 and on to bring you our list of the best 13 Super Bowl commercials ever. (Plus, links so you can watch 'em all. Enjoy.)

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