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13 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

We’ve seen some of the best (and worst) ads ever aired on game day. Here are our favorites, from 1979 to 2011.

1979 – Coke: Mean Joe Greene 

Burly defensive tackle Mean Joe Greene, limps towards the locker room and a kid stops him and offers him his Coke. The meanest man in football turns into silly putty and takes the Coke and in return offers the kid his jersey. The commercial became an instant classic, giving generations goose bumps. Who wouldn’t want a sweaty jersey from Mean Joe?

1984 – Apple: Sledgehammer 

In a very apocalyptic scene, a jogger (representing Apple) knocks down Big Brother (IBM) with a sledgehammer. This was perhaps the most talked about commercials of them all as it was the beginning of the Apple era. The Macintosh never really took off, but judging by the fact that we all have ipads/phones/pods; it looks like Apple is in full effect.



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