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13 Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

We’ve seen some of the best (and worst) ads ever aired on game day. Here are our favorites, from 1979 to 2011.

1998 – Doritos: 3D Doritos

Doritos did it again. Two guys sit in a laundromat trying the new 3D Doritos and in saunters a very sexy lady. They try to get her attention by using trick shots to consume the chips—and look like fools doing it. She shows them up by using an array of flips and even splits to catch the chips in her mouth (as they are being shot out of a dryer). Needless to say, the two guys are impressed and she makes her point.

1999 When I Grow Up

Children always bring smiles to people’s faces, and the pros can also deliver lines with a straight face. When these kids hurl lines like “I want to claw my way up to middle management”, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. They may be your boss tomorrow, if they are not already.



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