13 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

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13 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

These stars bulked and cut (and bulked again) for the sake of their craft or their overall health.

What He Did: Paul Rudd centered his life around health and fitness. He told People that he never "exercised harder than this for an extended amount of time." Why He Did It: To get in shape for his upcoming role in the Marvel film, Ant-ManWhat He Ate: He says he eliminated carbs and alcohol from his diet for an entire year. His Workout: Rudd's workouts were very intense and centered around "flips and rolls and all that kind of stuff," he told people. Paul Says: “I took the Chris Pratt approach to training for an action movie. Eliminate anything fun for a year and then you can play a hero.” Difficulty Level: 7  

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