13 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

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13 Extreme Celebrity Fitness Transformations

These stars bulked and cut (and bulked again) for the sake of their craft or their overall health.

What He Did: With trainer pal Lee Haney, Harvey started the 50 and Fly campaign, which encourages men 40 and older to tone up, slim down, eat right and stop whining that they’re too old to get in shape. Why He Did It: On his 50th birthday, after his son called him an “old man” and a call-in listener on his radio show called him over the hill, he realized he wasn’t in the best shape. “My arms were just sitting there—just a piece of meat hanging there, with no curves in them, no definition. And I just got tired of looking at myself that way.” What He Ate: In October, 2010, Harvey announced his goal to stick to the controversial “21 Pounds in 21 Days” detox diet program, where he didn’t eat or chew food for 21 days to quickly drop the pounds, sticking to an all-liquid diet. His Workout: Harvey was always on his feet, moving from the treadmill and core stimulation to some serious lifting, including military dumbbell presses, bent over rolls and lateral, frontal raise combos and lat pull-downs as well as other circiut training exercises like crunches and lunges. Plus: Harvey follows two rules to achieve his fitness goals. The first was “eat for what you're about to do, not what you've done," meaning he ate carbs before a workout and small lean protein-rich meals if he was about to be sedentary for awhile. He also aimed to "stimulate, not annihilate," meaning he worked out intensely, but not so much so that he was destroying his body. Harvey Says: "I tell jokes for a living. I'm not a body builder, I'm not a gym rat, I'm not spectacular, by any stretch of the imagination. For a 51-year-old guy, though, I'm pretty fly." Difficulty Level: 6

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