2010 Top 29 Cities for Men to Live

Which are the most livable cities for men—and why?

AskMen.com, the world's top lifestyle site for men, has unveiled its second annual Top 29 Cities To Live In, with New York topping the 2010 global list.

Based upon a wide variety of international sources as well as insider experience from AskMen.com contributors from around the world, this list provides a snapshot of the best cities for men to live in 2010.

"With the Top 29 Cities, we've been able to identify the specific qualities that make a city truly great for men," comments James Bassil, Editor-in-Chief of AskMen.com.

"Opportunities for professional challenge, a strong sports team to rally around and places to meet single, educated women easily are all factors that the everyday guy appreciates, and played a part in our global ranking."

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