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30 Dudes on Their Worst Fears at the Gym

“When the hot girl at the squat rack figures out I've been sneaking looks at her ass.” And so much more.
30 Dudes on Their Worst Fears at the Gym

Your peers and friends probably won't admit it, but there's a ton of anxieties that arise while working out—from being outlifted by the cute girl in a class to having a bout of "the runs," slipping a disk to missing a PR. Yes, from the serious worries to being seriously worried about being embarrassed, every man thinks about these worst-case scenarios—he’ll just never voice them. Until now.

Click through these hysterically candid confessions from 30 real men. Novice and veteran lifters alike, you’ll likely empathize with more than a few of them.

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“My biggest fear came true, actually. I was at Soul Cycle, put the shoes on, slipped in front of everyone on the stairs, fell on my a**, then one foot went through the wall, and the other crushed a tin garbage can.” – Steve D. 

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“Trying to pick up something real heavy. I struggle with a gallon of milk, so…” – Max J. 

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“Being out-lifted by the jacked chick next to me.” – Tim L. 

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“Getting super tired while running, then seeing I only went half a mile.” – Eric M. 

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“Severely hurting my back, like herniating a disk. Or immediate cauda equina syndrome where you lose feeling and control of your bowel and bladder.” – Kyle S.

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“Being a little gassy and then getting more than I bargained for…” – Luke S.

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“Giant pit stains.” – Andrew K. 

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“Dropping weight on myself or falling.” – Bobby G.

10 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym >>>

“Having a hole in my compression shorts when I’m lying down doing abs.” – Skylar G. 

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“Accidentally pooping while lifting.” – Robert D. 

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“Having a barbell dropped on my neck during a bench press.” – Aidan F. 

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“Being gassy at the gym.” – Mike C.

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“Throwing out my back and forever crippling myself, getting "stuck" because I wasn't using a spotter when I needed one, and staph infections from gross benches.” - Gary C.

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“My worst fear in the gym is getting a career-ending injury.” – Kenny V. 

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“That I won’t be able to complete the last rep of a bench press set and have to ‘escape’ from underneath the bar, or tilt the weight off the bar when I don’t have a spotter and don’t want to bother anyone.” – Mark B. 

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“I think my worst fear is someone asking me to spot them when they're doing some insane weight. That’s the worst. They’d say: "Don't worry, I probably won't need your help." Next thing you know the bar is crushing their trachea.” - Paras P. 

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“My biggest fear is sh***ing myself on my deadlift topset... and then missing the last rep." – Nick B. 

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“Injuring myself during a heavy lift, especially something nasty, like a knee, back, or shoulder injury. I don't care if dudes think I'm lifting light. Better to have clean form then a slipped disc.” - Mike R.

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“When the hot girl at the squat rack figures out I've been sneaking looks at her ass.” - Tony L.

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“I used to be afraid of not being able to lift a certain amount of weight in front of other people (especially a cute girl) but I don’t care about that anymore. Now I’m more afraid of dropping a heavy ass weight on my foot and/or chest and hurting myself really badly.” – Russ M. 

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“Falling on the treadmill, trying to hold on, and having my pants pulled down by the moving belt.” – Justin S. 

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“Farting in a crowded class or weight room.” - Tom A. 

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"I have a genuine fear that I'll have to s***. I'm just not prepared to deal with that at the gym." - Drew J.

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"Worst fear at the gym is that I'll try to bench too much and get stuck under there and no one will be able to help me.” - Dennis F.

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"A spotter looking away on a lift." - Miguel A.

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“Boner.” – Shane H. 

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“Falling off the treadmill… which I’ve already done before. I tried running with my eyes shut for a second, got vertigo, and fell.” – Jesse R. 

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“Being on the bench press, dropping the weight, and having it knock over a bunch of stuff so it causes a scene.” – Ben F. 

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“Having awful B.O. in a workout class with women.” – Rob H. 

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