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3D Movies Are Like Burpees for Your Brain

They throw your neurons for a loop—especially these 9 awesome 3D films from the past five years.
3D Movies Are Like Burpees for Your Brain

Watching a 3-D film can boost your thinking abilities—at least temporarily, says a study by London’s Goldsmiths University, in which subjects who viewed a half-hour 3-D movie raised their cognitive skills by 23% for up to 20 minutes afterward.

Would watching for longer be even better? Maybe not, says study head Patrick Fagan, since “past research suggests that more than 30 minutes of 3-D viewing can have the opposite effect, tiring the brain by ‘overexciting’ it.”

However, “extremely short sessions that act as pick-me-ups during the day would be perfect,” he says, adding that 3-D stimulus might be extra beneficial for those who do ultra-demanding work, like surgeons or athletes. But if you do want to give your brain a binge-worthy workout, check out the 3D flicks that made our top list.

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