49 Most Influential Men of 2012

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49 Most Influential Men of 2012

What do a fictional sex god, a villain, and the fastest man in the world all have in common? They made AskMen.com's list of the 49 most influential men of 2012.

35. Markus Persson

When you aren't sweating it out with P90X, we know you're probably playing video games. It isn't often that a game comes out that is intellectually and creatively challenging, while still remaining fun. But AskMen's number 35, Markus Persson, nailed it with his video game, Minecraft. When this does happen, the game usually becomes an overnight hit, which Minecraft did. Persson's creation sold over 9 million copies in 2012. The game has received tons of industry awards and was even awarded a place in the Smithsonian.

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