49 Most Influential Men of 2012

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49 Most Influential Men of 2012

What do a fictional sex god, a villain, and the fastest man in the world all have in common? They made AskMen.com's list of the 49 most influential men of 2012.

29. Felix Baumgartner

AskMen's number 29, Felix Baumgartner, is the definition of daredevil. His specialty is death-defying high altitude jumps and he's currently working to beat Joe Kittinger's parachute-jump world record of 102,800 feet. If his planned 120,000 feet jump is a success, Felix will become "the first man to break the sound barrier solo, outside of an aircraft." His Red Bull-sponsored Stratos effort is an example of the private sector's movement to replace government-sponsored exploration. Felix Baumgartner, we envy your courage, but for now—we'll be waiting for you on the ground.

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