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5 Books Every Guy Needs to Read this Summer

Look smart at the beach (and everywhere else) with these must-reads.
5 Books Every Guy Needs to Read this Summer
Greg Broom

By Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite

Two twentysomething best buds from Seattle struggle with young adulthood—and the fact that one of them is soon shipping off to Baghdad. 

$26, Scribner

Becoming Bilingual Has More than One Advantage >>>

By Molly Knight 

An inside look at a team bought out of bankruptcy and restocked with stars, including Cuban phenom Yasiel Puig.

$26, Simon & Schuster

Get Anyone to Love Your Ideas >>>

By Jonathan Franzen

Love him or hate him, you can’t help but read America’s favorite Oprah-offending, bird-watching, brilliant-novel-writing author. His fifth book explores familiar ground, an American family across generations—which means we’re in. 

$28, Farrar, Straus and Giroux,

The Scary Truth About Calling in Sick >>>

By Christopher McDougall

The follow-up to Born to Run tells the story of World War II Greek resistance fighters who used their strength and endurance to capture a German general on Crete. 

$27, Knopf,

De-Stress: Check Your Email Less >>>


By William Finnegan

The author, who was raised in California and Hawaii, chronicles his lifelong surfing obsession, from his adolescent days in Maui to his adult years as a war reporter for The New Yorker

$28, Penguin,

Surfing the Web at Work Boosts Productivity >>>


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