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5 "Oh S#@t*" Moments You’ll Wish You Were Fitter

Tragedy's striking an awful lot lately. Might as well train for it.

Life can be a wild, crazy and often unpredictable ride. Some of the most mundane routines such as your morning commute, a walk on the beach or a day of home improvement can go from stress-free to calamity within seconds. We’ve conjured up some plausible real-life situations that will make you think twice about skipping out on key training moves.


The average weight of a car is approximately 4,000 pounds. That’s no easy lift, but with the properly trained muscle groups and some teamwork, you’ve at least got a chance. This year, University of South Florida offensive lineman Danous Estenor lifted a Cadillac off of a 34-year-old tow truck driver. Esternor might stand at a towering 6'3" and weigh 303 pounds, but it’s his training that made him a hero.

Corresponding exercise: Deadlift
Perform 3-5 sets of dead lifts for 6-12 repetitions, with 1-2 minutes rest. Start with lower weight and high reps, progressively increasing the weight and decreasing the repetitions.

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