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9 Fittest Old Celebrities

These crusty f$%#ers are still more likely to hit the weight bench than the bingo table.

Jim Brown

Age: 75

One of the NFL’s all-time greats, Jim Brown only played until the age of 29, racking up all types of milestones during a rather short career. Still, it gave him plenty of time to break into the acting biz, as he went on to star in films like The Running Man, Any Given Sunday and Mars Attacks! There are few greater cinematic experiences than watching Brown box his way out of an army of (poorly) computer-animated Martians.


Danny Trejo

Age: 67

After a tough upbringing of drug abuse and petty theft, Danny Trejo took up boxing during a prison stint and never looked back. What followed was a long career as a character actor in countless action films, in which Trejo always played the meanest looking dude in the room. The hard work in Hollywood paid off, when in 2010 Trejo received his first, major starring role in the film Machete. He can be most recently seen on the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy.


Iggy Pop

Age: 64

While he’ll never be confused for Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop has managed to age rather nicely compared to some fellow rock legends; you know, the ones who have to be poked with a stick every once in awhile to make sure they’re still alive (i.e., this guy). While many may question how the former Stooges frontman has been able to maintain his heroin chic physique, Pop claimed that the secret to his success has actually been a dedication to Tai Chi since his 40s. The man’s clearly got a “Lust for Life.”



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