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Adam Levine: The Rebel's Guide to Success


This is a PREVIEW of the Adam Levine cover story in our March 2015 issue.
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Adam Levine has cleared the furniture out of his living room and basically installed an Equinox. Two personal trainers wait for him inside, armed with kettle bells, bouncy exercise balls, and enough Cybex machines to wear out a professional football team. Levine bounds into the room and starts to stretch a hamstring. “I like the way I look when I work out,” he says. “I’m not doing it to be vain—though that’s part of it. But it feels so good. I’m happy all the fucking time. Seriously, without yoga and working out, I’d be a mess.”

It’s a rainy December afternoon in Los Angeles, and Levine, who works out six days a week, is dressed in a black tank top and gray mesh shorts, and he’s primed to get good and sweaty. With fitness, as with everything in his life, nothing is half-assed. After all, this is a guy who isn’t content with one tattoo, he has sleeves. He isn’t just a pop star, the lead singer for the band Maroon 5, he’s a bona fide TV star, too—the alpha-male coach of NBC’s hugely successful singing competition The Voice. So it only makes sense that Levine doesn’t have one trainer. He has a team.

His yoga instructor, Chad Dennis—who also trains One Direction’s Harry Styles and wears his hair in the same man-bun—tells me they’ve been working out together, on and off, for eight years. Dennis often travels with Maroon 5 on tour. He recalls an early conversation with Levine’s manager. “He called me and said, ‘How much would it cost to buy you for the year?’ I threw out some absurd number. Literally 10 seconds later, he was like, ‘Done.’” 

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