All Day with Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson may be a rookie, but he sure as hell isn't playing like one

MF: Is there anything missing from your game?

Peterson: What's missing from my game? I wouldn't say there's anything missing, but there are definitely things I can improve on. Pass protection, being quicker with my cuts, my vision, just the little details that really make a difference out on the field.

MF: Can you talk a little about your lifting routine before the season?

Peterson: I was lifting two or three times a week, coordinating upper body with lower body, getting my cardio in. That's very important. I really don't like running on a treadmill or riding a bike and all that. I like to feel that I'm getting some work done, so normally, I go outside and run, get that good sweat.

I try to do lunges, single-leg squats, then get my full squats in. I try to work every muscle in my legs from quads to the hamstrings to the calves. I haven't maxed out since college, and I want to say I squatted about 540 lbs, something like that.

I'll probably do a couple sets of 315 pounds for reps now. That is kind of light, but when you up the reps, you really getting quality work in, too. So I'll do probably about three sets of 15, you know, starting from like 12, then I might do 10, finish up with 8.

MF: What part of training do you like, and what don't you like?

Peterson: Oh I enjoy all of it. Some of the guys are like, "man, you're a robot." I know a lot of guys don't really like conditioning, but it's something that's gotten me to the level I'm at now, so I'm just continuing what I've been doing that got me here. I always hit the weight room hard.

MF: How do you recover from the beating you take in an NFL season?

Peterson: Cold tub and massages. Just keeping the kinks and knots out of your body, keeping your muscles feeling fresh and your body feeling fresh everyday after practice.

MF: Experts have labeled you a "franchise back" coming out of college. What is a franchise back to you?

Peterson: A guy you can depend on, that's going to go out there and contribute to the team. A back that has proven himself. A guy that can go out there and perform well.

MF: Is one of your goals is to be a franchise back?

Peterson: Oh yeah. Definitely.

MF: How'd you get your nickname, All Day?

Peterson: It's the name I've been had since I was young. A lot of people get it kind of twisted up, "it's easier to just be AP," but it's the first two initials of my name, AD, All Day. I was so active, always had energy, just running around. I'm pretty sure there are people that just can't sit still, they've got so much energy, always moving, always doing something. That's how I got that name.

MF: You're sharing carries with Viking running back Chester Taylor. What kind of relationship do you guys share?

Peterson: We have a pretty good relationship. I feel like I'm blessed, because it could be the opposite, knowing you're coming in and competing for the position, taking snaps away from someone else. But he really has been like a mentor, helping me a lot on and off the field.

MF: You're a rising star in the NFL, but surely you've had to sacrifice a lot to get here. Was it all worth it?

Peterson: Oh yeah, it's definitely been worth it. This is what I've been dreaming about since I was six years old. Everything that I went through has been like food to me. In life, a lot of things come, but it's how you bounce back from them when they come that counts. A long time ago, I decided that I'm going to use the negative things to feed off of, so that's what I've been doing. I'm living a dream.

MF: Looking into the future – where do you see yourself in five years?

Peterson: Five years? I see myself being the best running back in the league. That's not being cocky or anything, just confident, knowing what it takes to be able to have that label and just going after it. I'm putting the work in. I feel like that's something I can accomplish here in the near future.


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