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"American Muscle" Premieres Tonight

The Discovery Channel show highlights the training of elite athletes.

Ever wonder what it's like to train with elite athletes? Get inside their head and training with Mike Barwis and his team at Barwis Methods, a gym in Detroit, as they go through the paces with athletes like Richard Sherman, Rashad Evans, and Ndamukong Suh in American Muscle, premiering tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 EST.

"The show is about a lot of things," says Barwis. "It's about what we do training high-level athletes and some of the interactions that we have with those individuals, the camaraderie that goes into a group of elite athletes that train together; each episode is a select athlete being featured with a combination of other athletes involved, as well some of the stuff we do with people with disabilities. It’s pretty unique in that not only is it a look into the training that is a portion of it, but it is more a look into the people who work at our facility and their uniqueness."

Catch a fuller Q&A with Barwis in our September issue, and tune in to Discovery Channel tonight.


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