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The Best (and Worst) Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home

Outsmart burglars with these expert tips on stashing your stuff in all the right spaces.

Ask Men's Fitness: “Where should I stash my valuables in case my place gets robbed? Say, a hollowed-out book, or an old coffee can?” - Paul D., Chicago, Illinois

You have to think like a crook, says Thomas G. Martin of Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach, CA. “Ninety percent of criminals head to the bedroom,” so that’s out, he says. His top spots: an empty can in the kitchen cupboard, or a “wall socket” that’s really a mini safe (available cheap online).

“No one will ever look there.”

Says PI and
 author Colleen Collins, “Never keep valuables under a mattress—or in a fat envelope labeled ‘Las Vegas!’” Better: in one of a stack of boxes marked “Bathroom” or “Old Clothes,” or a hollowed-out book in a big bookcase: “Burglars won’t waste time browsing titles,” she says. But thumbs-down on 
the coffee can idea: “Most coffee comes in paper or plastic now,” so metal could look conspicuous.

Other clever niches we’ve found: A medicine cabinet that’s been inset into a wall, and the door replaced or covered with a large painting or photo (brilliant, right?); the (new) bag of an old vacuum; and a tennis ball that’s been slit to insert small items.

But, warning: Keep track of your hideaways! List them in a secure digital file, and let
 a trusted relative 
or friend in on it, or your treasures could be goners.

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