25 Best Bars in America

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25 Best Bars in America

Whether you're into vintage-style gin cocktails, nursing a rare Johnnie Walker Blue—or swilling whatever brew they've got on tap—you're sure to slake your thirst at one of these elite-level beer and cocktail bars

Drink Bar - Boston, MA

It’s all about the personal touch at Drink where, instead of scanning a cocktail menu, patrons are invited to chat with the bartender to come-up with the concoction most likely to satisfy their current yearnings. Needless to say the staffers at Drink have an encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to the art of the cocktail and they pay the utmost attention to everything from crafting the perfectly sized ice cube to whipping up small bites to masterfully pair with their drinks. (drinkfortpoint.com)

Photo credit: sustainableisgood.com


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