25 Best Bars in America

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25 Best Bars in America

Whether you're into vintage-style gin cocktails, nursing a rare Johnnie Walker Blue—or swilling whatever brew they've got on tap—you're sure to slake your thirst at one of these elite-level beer and cocktail bars

Zig Zag Cafe - Seattle, WA

Though famed bartender Murray Stenson, who attracted patrons (and bartenders!) from around the world to The Zig Zag Café, may have departed, the Seattle spot continues strong in its tradition of whipping up award-winning cocktails. With a large selection of whiskeys, brandies, tequilas, rums, and a number of unusual or difficult-to-find spirits, this is still the go-to for those looking for top-notch cocktails in Seattle. As an added bonus the bartenders – many of whom worked alongside Stenson – often let patrons sample liquors they're unfamiliar with. (zigzagseattle.com)


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