25 Best Bars in America

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25 Best Bars in America

Whether you're into vintage-style gin cocktails, nursing a rare Johnnie Walker Blue—or swilling whatever brew they've got on tap—you're sure to slake your thirst at one of these elite-level beer and cocktail bars

PX Lounge - Alexandria, VA

Don’t be surprised by its lack of signage given that PX takes its speakeasy status seriously. Ring the doorbell, wait for someone to come down, tell them why you’re there, and they just might open up the locked door. Located down a flight of stairs patrons will find a trio of dimly-lid cozy rooms that serve as the perfect laid-back, romantic backdrop for which to enjoy masterfully crafted cocktails, most of which have Prohibition-era names (think Flips aka cocktails made with cream and eggs; these haven’t been widely served for decades). (eamonnsdublinchipper.com)

Photo credit: starchefs.com


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