25 Best Bars in America

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25 Best Bars in America

Whether you're into vintage-style gin cocktails, nursing a rare Johnnie Walker Blue—or swilling whatever brew they've got on tap—you're sure to slake your thirst at one of these elite-level beer and cocktail bars

Pegu Club - New York City

Complexion flattering lighting, a bustling but conversation-friendly ambiance, and gin-heavy cocktails made exclusively with fresh juices and ingredients – what more could a cocktail lounge-loving person ask for? The cozy spot is accessed passed a discreet door and up a flight of stairs and among their most popular libations are their Gin-Gin Mule, an adaptation of the Moscow Mule made with homemade ginger beer, and their champagne mojito, The Old Cuban. (peguclub.com)

Photo credit: starchefs.com


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