Best Bond Movies of All Time

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Best Bond Movies of All Time

It's tough to choose the very best films from among the James Bond franchise, but we did our best to narrow the field. Check out our top picks for the best 007 flicks.
Roger Moore’s final turn is a grand tour of man-made monuments, as 007 spars with a rogue industrialist, from the Eiffel Tower to the Transamerica Pyramid to the Golden Gate Bridge. But those locations beg for big stunts, and we worry for 57-year-old Roger as he gamely fights (and beds) crazy-eyed henchwoman May Day (Grace Jones) and dangles from a blimp. As played by Christopher Walken in full scenery-chewing mode, Max Zorin seems like a rational mass murderer, except for that whole plan to flood Silicon Valley. Maybe Bond could just reason with him over a pot of Earl Grey and then call in the Marines.

License to Thrill: To stage the stunt jump off the Eiffel Tower, a platform extension had to be constructed. It’s painted to blend in but can be easily spotted in the finished scene.

Top Secret: Christopher was the first actor to star in a Bond movie after winning an Academy Award (for The Deer Hunter). The next would be Halle Berry, who played a Bond Girl shortly after winning for Monster’s Ball.

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