Best Bond Movies of All Time

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Best Bond Movies of All Time

It's tough to choose the very best films from among the James Bond franchise, but we did our best to narrow the field. Check out our top picks for the best 007 flicks.
What’s the most logical strategy for the Soviet Union to take over Western Europe? Obviously, a rogue general tricking the governments into disarming by exploding a nuke unwittingly smuggled onto a U.S. Air Force base by a beautiful cult leader’s traveling circus. In other words, forget the plot and focus on the pre-title sequence, in which Bond flies a plane through an airplane hangar; the exotic settings, shot on location in India; and some superior hand-to-hand combat. It’s fun if you don’t take any of it seriously. But let’s make this perfectly clear: James Bond, elite secret agent of the British Secret Service, should never, ever be seen dressed as a circus clown.

Nobody Quotes it Better: “On an island populated exclusively by women? We won’t see him till dawn!”

Top Secret: With Roger Moore dithering over playing the role again, James Brolin was nearly hired as the new Bond. But when news broke of the Never Say Never Again project, the producers felt they needed an established Bond to go up against Sean Connery and convinced Roger to sign on.

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