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Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney on the Newest Die Hard film, "A Good Day to Die Hard"

Men's Fitness caught up with John McClane himself to find out what his favorite Die Hard stunt was, how to stay in shape at any age, and why to let women be in charge.

On February 12th, Men's Fitness attended a special NYC screening of the latest film in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard. The fifth in the franchise, this film sends John McClane to Russia where he reconnects with his son, played by Jai Courtney.

The franchise is now 25 years old but Bruce Willis is as fit as he was in 1988 (not surprising), and we had to find out how he does it. We managed to tear this wisecracking action hero away from the die hard fans for a few minutes to discuss staying in shape, stunts, and women. Plus, we caught up with Jai Courtney, to find out what it was like to step into this iconic franchise. See what they have to say in our video from the red carpet. 


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