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Can Bob Harper Survive Our Cover Shoot? [VIDEO]

As the man says, "It's hard work trying to look good for the cover of Men's Fitness."

We've become notorious for making our cover models sweat for their photo shoots. Some show up thinking they'll sit through make-up and wardrobe, then we'll make them smile and pose with some dumbbells. But in the interest of keeping things as genuine as possible, we force them to train their asses off while we document it. Kellan Lutz was a prime example of what we put our "models" though, and Bob Harper, famous for whipping morbidly obese contestants into shape on NBC's The Biggest Loser, was no exception. Harper proved that he lives the fit lifestyle he preaches to his contestants. But to give those who don't get picked to be on TV the chance to get started on a healthy lifestyle, he's launched a new line of weight loss kits called Smart Success. He told us, "Sometimes we need that extra boost and motivation to kick start any diet."


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