Can't Miss Summer Music Festivals of 2012

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Can't Miss Summer Music Festivals of 2012

Whether your beat is electronic or alternative, there’s a festival catering to you. Here’s the scoop on the summer’s top ten music fests. Our advice? Pray for sunshine.
Year after year, organizers of summer music festivals have been raising the stakes, one-upping each other with lineups of mega-star headliners, cool indie bands and soon-to-be-huge opening acts. This year is definitely no exception.

Starting with the unofficial season opener in Tennessee—the 125-act blockbuster known as Bonnaroo—you'll have the opportunity to gorge yourself of music of every conceivable genre, from heavy metal to folk to classical (and share sticky-sweet summer afternoon with the likes of Jack White, Neil Young and Alice Cooper).

Don't throw away your hard earned cash on a ticket to a concern with just one act. Instead throw your money—and yourself into the musical orgy by rocking out at one of these unmissable events.


We have some news for you: Spending the week moshing with 10,000 of your new best friends doesn't actually count as exercise. Click here to find out how to squeeze in some legit fitness at this years summer music festivals


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