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The Churro Dog + 5 Other Fatty Concession Stand Foods

These concession stand foods give cheat day a new meaning.

The Arizona Diamondbacks just unveiled the newest addition to their concession stand lineup for the 2015 season. Behold, the Churro Dog. In honor of this new delicious dessert dog livening up the spring, we found five more of the fattiest, most delicious concession stand foods that are sure to make you love to hate yourself at baseball stadiums all over the country.  These stadiums definitely bring the idea of 'cheat day' to a whole new level.  

Name: The Churro Dog
What is it?: Churro + Doughnut Bun+Frozen yogurt+Whipped toppings.
Where can I get it?: Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Stadium
Thoughts: This dog is heaven for anyone with a serious sweet tooth. Seriously, mixing a ballpark favorite with a dessert is pure sugary genius. Oh, and here are 8 More Great Fat-Burning Intervals… just incase you feel the need to hit the gym after hitting the ballpark.



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