The jock—hateful of all nerds and fatties (and, God forbid, nerdy fatties)—has been a mainstay in American cinema for years. Although real-life bullying often comes about due to an array of complex psychological issues, the movies we know and love usually stick with the black-and-white assumption that jocks simply can’t stand nerds—end of story. But we know this isn't really true. And we urge our readers to continue to keep the peace so that one day, jocks won’t be placed into movies as jerks looking to punch the first nerd they see. At the same time, the more the stereotype becomes debunked, the more outrageous and hilarious these classic jock scenes are. Here’s a list of pissed off jocks in all their glory, before reaching the final downfall that awaited most of them at the end of their respective films. From these clips, it’s pretty obvious that most of them deserve to be cut down. START: REVENGE OF THE JOCKS >>