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Classic Moments in Jock History

The best and funniest scenes in nerd vs. jock movie history.

Heavyweights (1995)

Tony Perkis’ failed infomercial

Unlike many of the brash jocks on this list, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller) is brutal in a more sadistic and intimidating way. Rather than settle for simple name-calling or vandalism, Perkis is dead-set on getting every last member of his fat camp to lose weight by getting under their skin and making them believe they’re worthless. Realizing this, the campers cheat on their dieting plans to spite him. This makes for one of the best jock scenes you’ll see, as Perkis’ anger increases incrementally over the span of a couple minutes. Perkis’ abrupt change in attitude from the cheery “Hop on the scale son!” to the stern “Get off the scale” might be the best moment of the film. NEXT: DODGE THIS >>



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