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Classic Moments in Jock History

The best and funniest scenes in nerd vs. jock movie history.

Back to the Future (1985)

Biff torments George McFly

Biff Tannen might be the biggest ass-wipe in the history of film—his lack of complexity is hilarious. He’s really just a bully and little else, but you have to admire how honest and consistent he is about being a dick. But although sports participation is never mentioned in Back to the Future, it’s pretty obvious that Biff fits perfectly into the stereotypical jock mold—naturally tall, strong and belittling to hapless nerds like George McFly. Their conversation holds to typical popular ‘80s movie standards—a three-year-old with a heavily fractured grasp of the English language can realize that Biff is mean and that George is pathetic. Great quip from one of Biff’s goons about Marty’s vest—“Dork thinks he’s gonna drown.” Scathing fashion commentary.



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