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Danny Trejo: "A Mean Chicano Dude With Tattoos"

Hollywood's favorite badass on typecasting, training and exploding turtles.

Who’s the toughest guy you’ve ever been put up against in the movies? Steve Austin, no question. He could break your back. He’s a for real tough guy, but he’s like such a gentle giant. He’s not mean, but the reality is that he could break your back. A good friend of mine, Diamond Dallas Page, introduced me to Steve Austin a long time ago. I did a film with Diamond Dallas called Vengeance, where he had to kick me in the face and these guys are so good at that. I would rather work with an ex-wrestler in a fight scene than anybody because they’ve been doing that forever. They know how not to get other people hurt. And you’ll be back for Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy? Yes I am. That’s why they had to make me a CIA agent, because otherwise the cartel would’ve killed me. Well, you’re a good guy in that show. Yeah, I am! That’s kind of cool. How’d you like having your head on an exploding turtle in Breaking Bad? Write this down: Tell the producers, “You owe Danny Trejo for that,” because they made two heads and they were supposed to give me one. They never did! [Laughs] So they needed to make a mold of your whole head to put on the turtle? Yeah. It was amazing. When I look at the bust, that’s probably the best copy of my face I’ve ever seen. It was kind of creepy. Then watching it walk across the desert in the dark [Laughs]. It was a quick appearance, but obviously they found a way to make it very memorable. They had such great luck with that episode, they called me back and did the prequel episode where we showed how it got there. That was a lot of fun.


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