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Exclusive First Look: Josh Hutcherson’s Catching Fire Workout

Maybe you could give two craps about the Hunger Games trilogy, but this you can respect: The 19-year-old who plays Peeta Mellark prepped for round two with a fast-track fitness plan from one of Hollywood’s star trainers.

Chances are you sat through The Hunger Games—or at least your girlfriend talked your damn ear off about that dark-and-twisted dystopian drama where kids kill each other to survive. (“The books are really good! I swear!”)

Well, the second installment of the four-part series, called Catching Fire, started shooting earlier this week. And before shipping off to the film’s Atlanta-area set, Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta—a.k.a. the young HG dude your little sis wants to see shirtless—spent his summer with hardcore celeb trainer Bobby Strom.

“Initially, everyone calls me up saying, ‘I want that Ryan Reynolds look—the washboard abs, the definition,’” says Strom, who has been working with Reynolds for eight years now. “But my training is always very functional, based on what they’re about to do in their movie role.”

And for Hutcherson, that meant meeting the demands of a high-action, fight-to-the-death flick—basically, being able to run, jump, chase, and battle hard with little more than his bare hands. In fact…

“One of the guys he’s fighting in the movie was also training in the same gym,” says Strom, referring to Bruno Gunn, who is set to play Brutus in Catching Fire. “They had never met, and he walked up and said, ‘Hey Josh, I’m Bruno…and I’m going to be kicking your ass!’”

Strom didn’t say how Hutcherson responded to that ass-whipping (and all in good fun) trash talk, but he did disclose that he had under 12 weeks to whip his ass into shape. So what does it take to fast-track your fitness? Read on to get the details.

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