The Fast-Track Workout

Those familiar with The Hunger Games lore know that Peeta’s brute strength comes from a lifetime of lifting bags of flour in his family’s bakery. In reality, though, Hutcherson cut his stocky physique with five hour-long workouts a week—which included one league basketball game and four Strom-led, circuit-style gym sessions.

“I call them mash-ups,” says Strom. “We go from one body part to the next to the next, incorporating four or five exercises per circuit.”

Each session would typically include two fresh mash-ups—combining exercises from different disciplines, like TRX, pliometrics, and BOSU Ball workouts—performed four times, resting only after the entire circuit was complete.

“That way, the conditioning increases, the caloric burn is high, and you’re getting a lot accomplished in a short stint of time,” Strom says, “which is crucial when you have only 10 to 12 weeks to get things done.”

For guys looking for a quick trim, Strom also suggests giving the core lots of extra attention at first, because—while it may be big biceps that you’re ultimately after—you won’t be able to perform well in the gym without a strong middle.

“Men just don’t get how important it is,” says Strom. “It gives you better endurance to complete your exercises, plus that huge lift will never go up if you’ve got a weak core.”

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