Extreme Hart

Men's Fitness: You turned pro at 17 and now you're a motorcross legend all these years later. Do you feel that your age has caught up with you?

Carey Hart: I definitely don't think my age has caught me at all; yeah, I'm 30 years old, but I'm still doing the same things I've always done. I still work out really hard and ride my motorcycle really hard, I skate, snowboard, ride BMX and get drunk with my friends (laughs). I grew up quick, but at the same time I haven't aged.

MF: I've read that you've broken over 20 bones in your body; what was the hardest part of rehabilitating from each of those injuries?

CH: Well actually, I've broken 56 bones. The hardest thing about rehab is staying positive through it; I've had some severe injuries where some have almost killed me. This last one, I broke both my legs and arms and had really bad blood clotting. It literally almost killed me. And once I did get through the hospital and actually started to recover, I was in a wheelchair for two months. The hardest part is to keep a good outlook and stay positive.

MF: So it's more mental than physical?

CH: Definitely. The reason its way more mental is because its amazing what your body can go through, how resilient [it] is, and how much you can heal especially if you take care of yourself. I've done some devastating things to my body and I've bounced back.

MF: You've since established your brand, and have launched a clothing line in addition to the your Hart & Huntington tattoo parlor in Vegas. How is your line different from other lifestyle clothing lines?

CH: The thing for us is that we're driven through the art of tattooing. I like to wear something that represents me and what I'm into. Tattooing is about a lifestyle, action sports are about a lifestyle. I don't just DO motorcross, its my lifestyle. [But the line is] Very rock-n-roll, very aggressive, and represents our lifestyle.

MF: Ever consider getting into the motorcross apparel business? Nobody would know what works more than you.

CH: [Hart & Huntington] is definitely staying true to tattooing. I'm not trying to put what I do in a dirtbike into it. That doesn't mean that motorcrossers and skateboarders don't wear it, but it's staying true to tattooing. Those two worlds I keep completely separate.


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