Editor's note: This is a preview-only version of Mark Wahlberg's cover story in the July/August 2017 issue of Men's Fitness. For the full story, including exclusive content, pick up a copy on newsstands on Monday, June 26.

On a hilltop parking lot overlooking downtown Burbank, CA, Mark Wahlberg grabs a club from his Wahlburgers-branded golf bag, places a Wahlburgers-branded golf ball on the tee, and squares up, nonchalantly remarking to the real-life entourage of celebrity minders, groomers, and photographers on hand, “We’re gonna do about 210 with a 6 iron.”

The fantastically fit 46-year-old proceeds to smash the ball, slicing it over the heads of an unsuspecting foursome of golfers lingering near the seventh hole of a nearby municipal course. The ball rolls to a stop just beyond them, just beyond the green, a glorious 317-yard drive, according to the readout on his laser sighting scope.

This isn’t the first golf Wahlberg’s played today. The Boston-born actor/producer/sports nutrition entrepreneur/casual-dining franchise builder rose at 4 a.m.—as he does most days—hit the gym for an hour, then squeezed in a round of “cardio golf,” playing 18 holes in 90 blistering minutes.

“We’re always busy; we always play fast. It got started while I was in training on Transformers: Age of Extinction. I’d hit the ball and just sprint to it.”

Now, with the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight set to roar into theaters on Wednesday, he's still sprinting—and he's not ready to let up yet.

"I'm hungrier now than I've ever been," he says.

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